‘Sew the Winter to My Skin’ is South Africa’s Oscar Contender

I’m proud and thrilled to announce that Sew the Winter to My Skin has been selected as South Africa’s choice to run for a 2018 Oscar.

Not only did this film provide me with an incredible experience working with brilliant artists, but it also served as a homecoming for me, marking my first time acting in South Africa. I was lucky enough to work under the direction of the award-winning Jahmil X.T. Qubeka, who also wrote the script, as well as esteemed producer, Layla Swart.

Continue keeping an eye on the status of our film at Jahmil & Layla’s website (http://www.yellowboneentertainment.com/).

And check out Variety’s announcement on Sew the Winter to My Skin’s Oscar campaign!
South Africa Picks Real-Life Robin Hood Tale ‘Sew the Winter to My Skin’ for Oscars